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15m single line retractable clothesline

1 Line x 15M. Holds 5kg of washing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Simple to install. Retracts automatically. Compact design. Wall mounted
¥209.86 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Large Retractable Clothesline

4 lines extend to a maximum of 8 meters. Easy to install. Mounting screws and fasteners included. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Individual line tensioning to reduce line sag and enable use with non parallel walls. All materials highly corrosion resistant.
¥885.62 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline La Premier Double Folding Frame Clothesline

Folding frame clothesline. Designed for use along straight walls. 10 lines x 23m drying space. Double folding. Suits family wash. Good for small or large wash loads. 2340mm x 1200mm.
¥1,026.00 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline Large Folding Frame Clothesline

Wall mounted 10 lines x 24m drying area. UV inhibited polyester powder coated with UV protected glass filled nylon wall brackets. Wall anchors and screws included. Folds down to a compact space saving unit. Frame size: 2340mm x 1200mm. Suitable for large family wash load.
¥885.62 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline Slim Wall Mounted Folding Frame Clothesline

Wall mounted folding frame clothesline for narrow spaces. 6 lines x 14m drying space. Frame size: 2340mm x 770mm. Clothesline folds flat against the wall after use. Sturdy lockable arms support large loads. Easy to use lift and click mechanism. Mounting screws and rawl plugs included. Easy to assemble for DIY.
¥745.71 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline Small folding Frame Clothesline

Wall mounted folding frame. Size: 1550mm x 770mm. 6 lines x 9m drying space. For indoor or outdoor use. For small loads. Clothesline folds flat against the wall when not in use. Sturdy lockable arms. Easy to use lift and lock mechanism. Easy DIY assembly. Polyester UV protected powder coated frame. UV protected glass filled nylon wall mounts. Easy to use line tensioner.
¥699.08 incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)