retractaline location

The Retractaline factory location, at Dube Trade Port, King Shaka International Airport, KZN, is highlighted in the image above.
The open site behind has been purchased to develop an additional 6000m2 of factory space due to the rapid increase in demand for Retractaline products. Construction to begin middle of 2016.
Image © Dube TradePort Corporation


Retractaline is the undisputed market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of laundry care products and accessories. Founded in 1985, the brand has established itself as a South African icon, and has supplied the leading retail and hardware stores for 32 years. Enjoying over 80 percent market share, a Retractaline product is found in the majority of South African homes and is enjoying rapid growth international demand.

Retractalines' dominant market position has been established by constantly delivering an innovative range of products, offering superior quality and durability, with aesthetic good looks and solutions for all usage requirements. We only use premium quality components; for example industrial strength glass filled nylon moulded components versus the cheaper plastics used by some imitators. UV and corrosion protective characteristics form high design and product specification considerations.

What makes us different from our competitors? We don’t outsource.

To our knowledge, Retractaline is the only international brand that manufactures its products in – house. Our competitors, whether located in the USA, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands or UK all share similar characteristics of out sourcing manufacturing to eastern located countries. Often different brands products are sourced from the same Chinese manufacturing entities. With this structure, comes a loss of control over quality and production and, and staff who are not obsessed with the brand and customer satisfaction.

By contrast, OUR STAFF have a high commitment to OUR products and brand reputation. They realise that only the best quality and service builds a sustainable businesses that offers job security in an empowered environment that nurtures skills improvement and personal growth in a life time career.

Our staff is our greatest asset and won’t be outsourced. Their commitment transcends to our products and enhanced customer experience.

Retractaline specialises in offering solutions for all laundry care requirements. These cover the following categories: rotary clotheslines; retractable clotheslines; wall mounted folding dryers; clothes airers; ironing boards; and laundry accessories including pegs, laundry hampers, bags and garment racks.

Over the past 32 years, Retractaline has supplied numerous international markets, including Canada, USA, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. International enquires from reputable distributors and retailers are welcomed.

To ensure that their product warranties are not compromised, existing customers are encouraged to only use genuine Retractaline replacement line and parts. Some retailers sell cheaper, but inferior replacement line. However, not only does this invalidate the product warranty but it could also pose a significant risk to a customer’s laundry if a non UV protected line is used. Ensure your replacement line carries the genuine Retractaline logo for peace of mind.


2017 has been an exciting year for the company, with the shareholders making a major investment in new buildings, plant and equipment. This has seen the factory re locate to a state of the art facility located at South Africa's premier industrial zone, Dube Trade Port, near King Shaka International Airport in KZN, which has recently been designated a Special Economic Zone with manufacturing benefits.

All processes are now done in-house, including steel tube manufacturing, PVC extrusion, plastic mouldings, wire processing, powder coating, rope manufacture and product assembly.

The investment insures that the Retractaline brand remains synonymous with the highest quality processes and materials, while reducing input costs, thus ensuring ultimate product satisfaction and reliability for our customers. We are proud to be able to set and determine quality processes ourselves.

Commitment to the environment

Retractaline is fully committed to clean manufacturing principles. As a member of the Dube Trade Port Special Economic zone, the company is audited monthly to strict best practise environmental standards.

Direct distribution

Our ability to supply directly to the retail sector and consumers without the escalating cost channels of middle men importers / distributors, offshore head office / brand allocations, and Chinese factory profits; ensures that our customers are offered the very best quality products, bench marked above international best practise standards, at costs well below our international brand competitors. An absolute winning formula for our customers! Hence our by-line: Retractaline, the world’s best laundry products! Enquires should be emailed to info (at) or call our customer service line on +27 32 8140330.