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Drying choices - what's the difference

With so many drying options available, the question of which option is best suited to a customers unique needs, can become confusing.   The purpose of this blog is to help consumers differentiate between the different types of laundry dyers and to understand each unique feature and benefit.



  • versatile usage for open spaces
  • ideal for courtyards or gardens
  • offers maximum drying area
  • varying size options to cater for small to large family loads
  • removable to free up space



  • space saving
  • indoor or outdoor useage - can be used in dual purpose areas, e.g. patios, balconies and garages
  • adjustable to required length
  • conveniently out of the way when not in use
  • require opposite walls opposite t-poles to  mount
  • widespacing between lines for imporved drying
  • useful to dry wide items such as bed sheets
  • individual line tensioning reduces line sag



  • for use along a straight wall or palisade fence
  • no opposite walls or open spaces required
  • width is ideal for wide spaced garments, e.g. bed sheets
  • space saving when not in use
  • variety of sizes and configurations to meet all needs 
  • ideal as either a primary outdoor clothesline or secondary clothesline in the garage or laundry



  • ideal for gardens and open spaces
  • best option for hanging sheets and wide items
  • wide line spacing for improved drying
  • permanently installed
  • strong pvc coated stainless steel clothesline



  • ideal for indoor kitchen, bathroom, laundry and balcony use
  • dual purpose usage for outdoor airing
  • ideal for small to medium loads
  • store neatly and easily
  • large variety of design options and sizes