Products tagged with 'family size'

60m Rotary Hoist with crank

4 arm, 60m height adjustable, with hoist system
9 555,45 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA) 10 888,29 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline La Premier Double Folding Frame Clothesline

Folding frame clothesline. Designed for use along straight walls. 10 lines x 23m drying space. Double folding. Suits family wash. Good for small or large wash loads. 2340mm x 1200mm.
8 907,70 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Swingline Large Folding Frame Clothesline

Wall mounted 10 lines x 24m drying area. UV inhibited polyester powder coated with UV protected glass filled nylon wall brackets. Wall anchors and screws included. Folds down to a compact space saving unit. Frame size: 2340mm x 1200mm. Suitable for large family wash load.
6 927,11 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)