Ironing Boards and Covers

Our ironing board range covers three standard sizzes:   92cm; 110cm amd 122cm iroing tops.   Mesh tops are specifically designed for steam irons, while wooden tops offer a cost effective alternative.  All have foam underlays with 100% cotton fashion covers.

La Premier Ironing Board

Top range ironing board. Mesh top for steam ironing. Height adjustable. Cord minder for electrical safety. Clothes rack for stacking ironed laundry. Free sleeve and collar board included. 123 cm x 39 cm. Iron rest with silicon heat pads. 100% cotton fashion cover with 7mm foam underlay.
4 882,78 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Large Ironing Board Cover

Fits boards sized 123 cm x 39 cm and under. Drawstring for snug fit. Cotton fabric with 7 mm foam underlay. Designer colours.
488,77 ₽ incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)