3m x 1 line retractable clothesline
SKU: 6003394000209
Manufacturer: Retractaline
195,00 kr incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Ideal for use over a bath tub or shower.

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Large Retractable Clothesline

4 lines extend to a maximum of 8 meters. Easy to install. Mounting screws and fasteners included. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Individual line tensioning to reduce line sag and enable use with non parallel walls. All materials highly corrosion resistant.
1.241,00 kr incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

15m single line retractable clothesline

1 Line x 15M. Holds 5kg of washing. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Simple to install. Retracts automatically. Compact design. Wall mounted
294,00 kr incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

Zippy Retractable Clothesline

5 lines extend to a maximum of 3 meters. Suitable for indoor use. Ideal for use over the bath or balcony. Line tensioning lock. Made from aesthetic ABS plastic.
457,00 kr incl VAT (RSA) / Tax (Non RSA)

La Premier Ironing Board

Top range ironing board. Mesh top for steam ironing. Height adjustable. Cord minder for electrical safety. Clothes rack for stacking ironed laundry. Free sleeve and collar board included. 123 cm x 39 cm. Iron rest with silicon heat pads. 100% cotton fashion cover with 7mm foam underlay.
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